Addie Adventure

Addie Adventure is a fanmade character by Aliahvenicegarcia. She (and Abbie Adventure, her twin sister) is the leader of the Adventure Buttons Line!


Addie was sewn on October 11. She was sewn from an adventurer's coat!

Addie's Personality

Addie loves adventures (the too-dangerous ones!), watching Adventure Time, and chips! She loves watching action and suspense movies. She loves going on adventures with the Adventure Buttons.

Addie's Appearance

Addie wears a sky-blue-mint t-shirt with an X and dots on it. She also wears a fuschia coat and an orange skirt. She has a brown belt.

Addie has pale skin with Purple hair (like Harmony B. Sharp's). She wears pink boots and yellow bloomers.

She has blue eyes.

Addie's Pet

She lost her pet in an adventure. 

Addie's Home

She lives in a simple house. The walls are fuschia and the roof is pink. There are treasure maps all around her house. (It's her sister's house, too)

Addie's Merchandise

  • Addie Adventure Toys 'R' Us Exclusive Full Sized Doll
  • Addie Adventure Toys 'R' Us Exclusive Mini
  • Addie Adventure Adventure Buttons Pack with Finn D. Human, Marcy Leane Bloody, Flare Fire Princess, Abbie Adventure and Jake Magic 'N' Dog
  • Addie Adventure JanSport Lalaloopsy Backpack
  • Addie Adventure and Abbie Adventure Twin Pack

Guess What!

  • She once lost in a fight.
  • She does not look like her twin.

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