Aki Koroid

Waaah! Dem eyes again! Anyways, my skills have gotten rusty (; v  ;)

Yaaay~ Cookiez is back! Well... It's Arisu's account tho... //gives everyone reunion hugs// I've been working on her while at vacation two months ago when my laptop suddenly died. It's still not fixed up till now so I did a new one after I saw Photoshop in Mr. Temp. Laptop...I fear that one day, dots are the only backgrounds I can do TT _ TT


Aki was sewn on September 13 with a candy store's website. (Don't blame me. She has candy store written all over her...)

Personality of Aki

Aki, in one word, is friendly. She's not the "She's to close" or "She's too clingy" type of friendly. She's just... perfectly friendly. She's the "bakes you cookies, greets you in the morning, helps you with your homework" type of friendly. Just friendly. She's on good terms with everyone but not too close to tell them her secrets. That's probably why she's a private Vocabutton. The only one she's ever opened up to was Gumi, her best friend. Her "deepest secret" (every VocaButton actually already knows) is that she's a sweet tooth and loves making candy.

What Aki Looks Like

Aki has fair skin and blue button eyes. Her pale red hair is tied up into a bun with a huge, blue music note (pin?). She wears white headphones with orange cushions and a mic connected to her headphones by a purple, teal, orange and white wire, placed on an pale red arm band, which has a stand, in her arm. She wears a pale red sleeveless yarn sweater shirt under her striped white and blue sleeveless jacket and a striped white and blue skirt. She also wears burgundy socks with pale red ends under her metallic blue and white boots and metallic blue (Whoops. Forgot to make the blue in the gloves matallic-y) and white gloves.

Aki's Pet

Aki doesn't want a pet. Even though she doesn't want one, she still loves all of the VocaButtons' pets. She always volunteers to take care of everyone's pets while they're away. "Just being friendly!" she says.

Aki's Home

Aki's room in the VocaMansion has white and blue stripes as her wallpaper and most of the furniture are white with pale red accents and pale red, yarn covers. Her room smells like a candy store... mostly because of the huge candy shelf in her closet... Her room has that warm, inviting, friendly atmosphere that everyone mutually likes... Yup.

Aki's Other Merchandise

  • Aki Full Sized Singing Doll
  • Aki Full Sized
  • Aki Mini Singing Doll
  • Aki Mini Doll
  • Aki Loopy Hair Doll
  • Aki Silly Hair Doll


  • There was a limited edition of Aki that had VOCABUTTONS written on her headphones.
  • Aki's bun was once in the middle of her head.

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