Watashi dake ga

Idc if it's Albus or Finnian honestly I've been calling him "Gay dove" for too long it's the name that stuck to me most.

So umm.... This is awkward. I completely renamed him from Finnian Dove to Albus Iona. Meaning's still the same though. White dove.

Yes,it took me twenty million years to make those wings (I was long done with the doll hahAHA). I just touched it again after idk. Last time I worked on him was April 27 lol.

Anyways this is the last planned ButtonTales! oh no. give me an idea generator pls.

(his legs are so awkwardly far apart)


Albus was sewn sometime on 1812 with the feathers of a dove. He's a spirit.

Personality of Albus

Albus is a very kind person but his spirit was slowly disappearing together with the branch that his former dove-self used to perch upon everyday. It was only when a girl found the hazel branch and took care of it- letting it grow into a beautiful tree- that his spirit became stronger again. So then he spent his time doing whatever he can to make the girl happy. But one day, a man came away and took the girl away. Albus knew that the man made the girl was happy. If she's happy then he's happy too. No matter what the ache in his chest says.

What Albus Looks Like

Albus has light bluish grey eyes, grey hair and grey wings. He wears a dark cloak with a turquoise gem in the middle, shining with his soul's strength. Underneath, he wears a grey dress shirt along with light brownish pants held together with two belts on his left leg and one with a golden buckle on his right.

Albus' Pet

Funny because he's the spirit of an animal.

Albus' Home

Albus' soul is tied to the hazel branch he used to perch on everyday. Might as well be his home.

Other Merchandise

  • Albus Full Sized
  • Albus Mini
  • ButtonTales! Bundle

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