Polkadot backgrounds forever~ MostlycauseitstheonlyoneIcanmake...

Ahn. COOKIEZ IS ALIVE. Finally found time for this wiki. It's by Arisu tho... I just helped with the eyes, name and back ground etc. .... Wai do I get stuck with the hard stuff... Why did Arisu decide to make a doll? I forced her to. It's my policy to only make sweets related dolls and VocaButtons. She did a great job... Anyways, we're making a new series, ButtonTales! (The exclamation point's included)

Ahaha. Cookiez' Weekly Dolls is a lie. More like Cookiez' Every-Three-Months Dolls.

Imma getting better at the eyes but my naming skills.... And yes, I know there's an Alice themed doll already.

Renamed her from Alice Wanda to Alice Lidelle. Goodness gracious I've only remembered her last name nau //cries


Alice was sewn on November 26 with an alice sock (What am I thinking?), which are socks below the knee.

Personality of Alice

Alice is the most curious doll in LCD. Well, probably. She has no precautions and would most likely eat a poisoned mushroom one day. Just plain Alice.

What Alice Looks Like

Alice has the usual golden hair and blue eyes all British have. Her hair is naturally wavy and her eyes are actually turquoise instead of sky blue. She wears a turquoise short, puffy sleeved dress, alice socks and a white apron. Below, she wears black dress shoes.

Alice's Pet

Alice has a pet cat she keeps at home.... Like all British do. (Ahaha. Cookiez, you're being stereotypical again.)

Alice's Home

Alice's house is just a small British cottage... Like all Br- WITH A MAGICAL LOOKING GLASS. Why? Because.

Alice's Other Merchandise

  • Alice Full Sized
  • Alice Mini
  • ButtonTales! Bundle