She is Sewn On: November 28

Sewn From: An anime girl's dress


She is fond of drawing anime and it is what she almost does all the time. She also dedicates some of her anime drawings to her friends to cheer them up and make them happy. She loves tropical fruit!


Alista has short, wavy brown hair. She has brown eyes and light skin. She has light pink cheeks. She wears a tropical fruit T-shirt and brown shorts. she has brown sandals with straps that come up to her ankles.


Alista's pet is an adorable dog! It has a gray body with brown patches. It's head is light brown with a white mark from the top of it's head to it's nose. It has round, gray ears.



  • She is friends with Pencil and Spot.

Guess What

  • She has the same birth-day as Pencil and Razzy.
  • Whenever she plays a game, she always draws what their characters look like before they start.


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