Annabeth Wise Girl

Annie Beth Wise

Annie Beth Wise (Also known as Annie B. Wise) is a character made by TheLonelyRiceball. She is the first Lalaloopsy in the Book Fandoms | Per C. Jackson series.


Annie Beth Wise was sewn on July 12th (Annabeth Chase's Birthday), and was sewn from the magical Yankees cap Athena gave to Annabeth Chase in the Percy Jackson series.

Annie's Personality

Annie is an architecture-loving girl. During her free time, she thinks of designing buildings. She's wise, strategic, brave, and loyal; and is very protective of the people she loves. She can be seen harsh and judgmental when you first meet her, but she grows to be a wonderful friend.

What Annie Looks Like

Annie wears her orange Camp-Half Blood shirt most of the time, along with blue jeans and gray sneakers. She has fierce gray eyes, like all of the children on Athena, and blonde hair. She can be seen wearing a blue Yankee's cap from time to time.

Annie's Pet

Annie had no pet, but is very close to a hellhound named Mrs. O'Leary (Which is technically Per C.'s pet).

Annie's Home

Annie lives in the Athena Cabin at Camp-Half Blood with the other children of Athena. The cabin is blue and gold, and a carving of an owl can be seen looming over the doorway of the cabin. Inside, the cabin is filled with books and of course, beds, as well as a workshop.

Annie's Other Merchandise

  • Annie Full Size
  • Annie Mini
  • Annie Beth Double Pack with Per C.
  • "Book Fandoms | Per C. Jackson" Mini Series Pack.

Guess What!

  • Annie is based off of Annabeth Chase of the Percy Jackson series.
  • Annie and Per C. have taken a liking towards each other.
  • Annie can get really touchy with other 'Loopsy's touch her stuff.
  • Annie's baseball cap was originally magical, as it could turn her invisible just by wearing it, but it lost it's magic due to a fight with her mother.
  • She was originally named Annabeth Wise Girl.
  • July 12th is Annabeth Chase's Birthday.

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