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Arena Tame.A.Lion



Sewn on: December 5th (Roman Empire day)

Sewn From: A roman warriors Cape

Personality of Arena 

Arena Tame.A.Lion is a boystrous lion tamer you will often find her training lions in the Lalaloopsseum. She loves to wow the crowds with the fantastic acts her lions perform.

What Arena Looks Like

Skin: fair

Eyes: Black.

Head: Brown Hair in 2 pig tails. She wears a Roman warrior helmet silver and dark pink.

Torso: Pink top 2 silver shoulder pads a silver motif and silver waste band.

Bottom: Dark Pink skirt with pink leather guards silver trim and dark pink studs.

Shoes: pink and silver high top boots

Other accessories: Pink Leather arm bands

Arena's Pet

Bravo lion has a large magenta colored mane and wears a protective helmet. He has creme colored fur.

Arena's Home

Roof: Traditional athens roof

Walls: Traditional Athens pillars

Other Merchandise

  • Large Doll comes with pet and poster