Aries Wooly Fleece JPG

Aries Wonder.N.Ram



Sewn on: March 21st (The first day of the Aries sign)

Sewn From: The fleece of Aries the Ram 

Personality of Aries

Aries is Courageous, Enthusiastic and very Independant. Amongst her friends she is the most caring and generous of them all. You will often find her wondering the great out doors always looing for a new adventure. She is a great leader and her magnetic personality often entices others to follow her lead. On Impulse she finds new activities to start but very seldom finishes due to her Impatience. 

What Aries Look's Like

Skin: Fair

Eyes: Black

Head: Blue hair with 2 ponytails tied up with fluffy pom pom hair ties. She has the horns of a small ram and fuzzy white ears. Torso: Pink and white fluffy poncho long pink sleeves with white trim and bows at the end of the sleeves

bottom: Pink fluffy skirt with white trim. Blue leggings with pink bows and pom poms Shoes: Pink suede boots closed with metal clasps that have the Aries sign branded on to them.

Aries Pet

A little blue ram with horns and black button eyes he loves adventuring the great out doors with aries.

Aries Home 

Roof: Fleecey fluff

Walls: blue and pink bricks

Other Merchandise

Large doll comes with poster and pet.

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