• With eyepatch 「(; v  ;)」Honestly both versions creeped me out but this one's better
  • Without eyepatch 「(; v  ;)」Senpai what is BG

Aaaand. It's another eyepatch guy. I was gonna consider bandages but he'd be too similar to Oliver *shrugs* I mean with the blond hair and coat-ish thingy. Iamalivesenpai

Exams are over, it's winter break and my brain exploded thinking of what men wore in Victorian times. Yes, it has been about 3 months since my last doll (Which was done after my last exam).

Name explanation and stuff: chiello comes from ochiello which means eyes. And by eyes, I meant the holes on buttons. *more shrugs*. Based on Bluebeard.


He was sewn sometime in January 1659 (old dolllls) with some...? I cannot. My imagination and pep is gone when I have a cold. Buuut I guess he was sewn with some keys 'cause of the original story *even more shrugs*


Azure is usually feared and cast out. It's not that he's aggressive or violent. He's usually fun and out going. It's mostly due to people that interact and are close to him disappearing. Anyways, he's a bit paranoid when someone asks, touches or does and says anything about his right eye (the one covered with an eyepatch  (ノ・□・)ノ〜ー*). His eye was cursed by a witch and whenever he stares into the eyes of a person they die. I guess it's the reason why he wears an eyepatch. Curse is unremovable and if he tries to resew his eye the button still becomes cursedー~

What Azure Looks Like

Azure has messy, unkempt blond hair with pale pink cheeks and fair skin. His left eye is a greyish blue while his right eye is azure. He usually wears a grey eyepatch with a golden eye at front. He wears a light azure checkered cape-ish thing over his white polo and grey suspenders and pants. He also wears light azure leather shoes.

Azure's Pet

-has died.

Azure's Home

The story took place in France but eh. He lives in a two story house in London. It's pretty much normal inside.

Other Merchandise

  • Full sized doll
  • Mini doll
  • Loopy yarn doll

Guess what!

  • His pet is unknown.

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