Baconella Greasy Crisp
Baconella Project Reboot

Sewn date

December 30 (International Bacon Day)

Sewn from

Plush bacon




Marcia Aeris

Baconella Greasy Crisp is the third doll in the Breakfast Loopsies series.


Baconella is a young fry cook who is hard working and proclaims herself to be "destined for greatness". She works at the Breakfast Corner and will always serve you with a smile. However, unlike a certain fry cook you know, she isn't always much of a hard worker, as she might occasionally ask for a break.


True to her name referecing bacon and being a Breakfast Loopsy, Baconella dons a red short hairdo with white highlights, symbolyzing the food she was named after. On the back of it is a red and white bow. For her clothing, she wears a red and white overall skirt, with a buttoned shirt and capris underneath. Finally, for her footwear, she wears a pair of mid-calf socks and red flats with a lace.


Her pet is a petite pig. However, due to the fact that she specializing with cooking bacon, her pig is scared of her, due to the breakfast corner saying nothing about vegan meat.


Baconella lives in a house with bacon strips decorating a room. Her house can be seen with some other breakfast delights, true to her job and her choice of not wanting everything bacon themed.


  • Series 14 Mini #3



  • This is Pepsicola45's first doll of 2016.

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