Barbie Doll

Barbie Girl!

Meet Barbara Doll, she is the Lalaloopsy version of Barbie! Another customized lalaloopsy doll by Oriana2003love


Sewn on: March 9th (Barbie's Birthday)

Sewn from: Barbie's Dress

Personality of Barbara

Barbie loves fashion! She has a really humongous closet!

What Barbara looks like

Hair color: Blonde

Hairband color: Pink

What she wears: A pink dress and pink stilletos

Her sewn-on pattern on her dress: Pink

Other things on her dress: N/A

Barbara's Pet

Actually. she has three pets named Taffy, Tawny and Blissa

Barbara's Home

Barbie's home is a big pink mansion she calls "The Dreamhouse"

Barbara's other merchandise

  • Full sized lalaloopsy doll  Barbara

Guess What!

  • Barbara has a pet Horse, Dog and Cat
  • Barbara has everything!
  • Her name was changed due to avoid copyright infringement


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