Hmmm.... I had decided to cancel 6 dolls because they aren't up to code. Also, so I won't be so "rushy".


Sewn Date: March 14 (Butterflies Day)

Sewn from: 7 fake roses

Barika's Personality

Barika is a real fairy/butterfly who has permanent wings and could fly.She also knows about the dolls without pages like Holly Angelwing, Pink Starsing, Sophie Bandages, Sunshine Rainbow Hair, and more. (In Special:UnusedFiles.)

What Barika Looks Like

She has a pair of wings, a green dress with light blue coloring, and blue boots.

Barika's Pet

I didn't make a pet so she wouldn't be so (much more) expensive. But If she had one, It will have lot's of special features. But in the mini, she has a pet catterpillar.

Barika's Home

Her home is a flower, although It must be watered everday so it won't wilt.

Barika's Other Merchandise

  • Full Size with Flying Ability
  • Mini

Guess what!

  • She could fly.

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