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One day, Bella and Keira  was just skating in the park with their pets until she they Balloon Party Hat crying on the bench.

Bella: What's wrong Balloon?

Balloon Opens Her Eyes and Wipes Her Tears

Balloon: It's just, everyone ignores me and no one wants to play with me.

Balloon starts crying again

Bella: Cheer up Balloon! Hmmm... How about you go skating with me?

Balloon opens her left eye and stops crying

Balloon: Really? But, I don't have skates. How can I skate?

Bella thinks...

Bella: Hmmm.... Ah! I know! I have a lot of skates in my house! Come on!

Bella pulls Balloon's hand and runs...

Balloon: Where in the party world are we going?!

Bella: It's a secret!

Balloon and Bella arrive at Bella's house...

Balloon: Uhhmm... Why are we at your house?

Bella gets in the house...

Bella: Just go in.

Balloon: Go in?

Bella: Yup.

Balloon: But, you never let me in your house all the time 'cause you said I might destroy your collection!

Bella: That's why we're here!

Balloon: To destroy your collection?

Bella: No. It's a secret. Just come in.

Bella pulls Balloon inside her house

Balloon: Woah

Balloon faints...

Bella: Balloon, Balloon!

Keira: Wat appen to Bawwoon?

Bella: She fainted. Come on. Help me carry her.

Keira: But Bawwoon too hebby! Ow can I wift er?!

Bella: Of all the Rollingwheels, why is Keira my sister?!

Keira: Wat?

Bella: Nothing.

Keira: But woo saiyd woo don't wike me!

Keira starts crying...

Bella rolls her eyes...

Bella: Oh, for crying out loud!

Bella carries Balloon to the couch...

Bella: Balloon! You're heavy!

Balloon wakes up...

Balloon: What happened? And why is Keira crying?

Bella: You fainted.

Balloon: Keira cried 'cause I fainted?


Keira starts going upstairs...

Keira: At weast I whave a pett dat woves me!

Bella: Yeah right. Now, I brought you here 'cause I'll give you one of my skates!

Balloon: Ok! I want a pink one with blue skates and a yellow ribbon.

Bella gets the shoes

Bella: Here you go. Now let's go!

Balloon: Won't you bring Keira?

Bella: Oh, Keira! Come with us!

Keira: No! Woo miyt gettt mwad at mwee agaynn!

Bella: Okay! We're going skating!

Keira rushes downstairs

Bella: Get your skates!

Keira: Okway!

Keira gets her skates

Keira: Wet's gow!

Keira, Bella and Balloon's journey begins...

Bella: Well, who wants strawberries?

Keira: Mwe!

Balloon: Me too!

Bella: We'll go up that hill and go to...

Bella gets confused...

Bella: Hey! I think we're LOST!

Keira: Wost? Nhoww!!

Balloon: Face the truth, Keira. We're lost.

Bella, Keira and Balloon starts skating for 3 hours

Bella: Hey! We're back home! We must've skated around Lalaloopsy Customized Land. 

Keira: Bwutt I huwad fun!

Balloon: Me too!

Bella: How about Let's do It again!

Balloon & Keira: NO!

All of the girls laugh...

The End!

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