Benjamin Coup de
Benjamin is a cute french actor who  goes in lots of movies.Sibling:Gidion Pshyic De


Sewn On:9,14,1948

Personality of Benjamin

He is a very talented actor and kknows lots of launguastics.Lots of girls love him but he has feelings for Suzette.He is always ready to speak up in the crowd  but is  very shy at times.He has a brother named  Gidion Pshyic De.His favorite things are being in movies,hanging out with his gf.

What Benjamin Looks Like

Benjamin has tan skin and brown hair. Unfortunatley Keith put him in a dress.


He has a pet  movie camera.


He lives in a theatre

Other Merchandise

  • Big
  • Mini
  • Mini and Big Romance Pack with Suzette
  • Soft Doll
  • Micro (discontinued)
  • Lalaloopsy Girls Fancy French Date Night Playset
  • Lalaloopsy Tinies- Benjamin with theatre

Guess What!

  • He is sewn on the day the paris theatre opened
  • His friends are:

Twilight Mellowtone

Flare Fire Princess

Death Stitched n Sewn

Kanesan Teto

Savanna Kawaii n Epic

Jock Pompoms