• Regular Beri
  • LB Style Square Beri
Beri is my second Lala made in paint! (Except base, first one is Cesar Common Face still except base) Looks like I'm pretty much okay with Disney Create closing if I have the bases.


She was sewn on November 11 (Berry's Birthday). And she was sewn from Berry's Baby Black Tee.


Beri is a half-doll and half-fashionable witch. She also enjoys dancing and making sweets. Fashionable Witches can also switch dresses without having to be alone.


She has a baby black tee, a pink jacket tied to her waist, a pair of pants, and Starred boots.


She doesn't have a pet, like Love.


She lives in a 2-story house. Although It is half-mountain high, so it is pretty hard to climb up for someone who gets tired easily. But unlike Love, the roof is colored purple.

Other Merchandise

  • Full Size Doll
  • Full Size Doll with Mini
  • LB Style Square Edition (LB Style Square is in Japan only, sorry.)
  • Best Friend Pack ~ with Love
  • Loopy Hair Doll
  • LB Style Square Exclusive Costume (The LB Style Square Outfit)
  • Love and Berry 10th Anniversary Collector's Edition

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