The contest has ended! The winners are:


  • Bella Rollingwheels
  • Nina Jay
  • Strawberry Jelly Jam
  • Land Water 'N' Air

1st runner up

  • Minty Choc Eucalyptus
  • Melody Jingletunes
  • Razzy Long Hair
  • Crust Pepperoni 'N' Cheese


Ms. Lalaloopsy Universe Category

  • Bella 'N' Minty

    Bella Rollingwheels (left) and Minty Choc Eucalyptus (right)

    Bella Rollingwheels of Wheelland
  • Minty Choc Eucalyptus of Customralia (Australia)

Random Characters Category

  • Melody 'N' Nina

    Melody Jingletunes (left) and Nina Jay (right)

    Melody Jingletunes of Musicland
  • Nina Jay of Ninja Ville

Long Haired Category

  • Razzy 'N' Strawberry

    Razzy Long Hair (left) and Strawberry Jelly Jam (right)

    Razzy Long Hair of Disney Lalaloopsy Princesses Land
  • Strawberry Jelly Jam of Jamland

Original 3 Category

  • Land 'N' Crust

    Land Water 'N' Air (left) and Crust Pepperoni 'N' Cheese (right)

    Crust Pepperoni 'N' Cheese of  Pizzaland
  • Land Water 'N' Air of Earth

Prizes - Winner

  • 5 Gold Trophies
  • A New Dress
  • A new house
  • 1,000 Lalaloopsy Custom Dollars

Prizes - 1st runner Up

  • 4 Silver Trophies
  • A new dress
  • A new house
  • 500 Lalaloopsy Custom Dollars

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