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Birthday Drippy 'n' Yummy
Birthday is one of Pepsicola45 aka Issa Perez's Lalaloopsy dolls. Well, not an ordinary one, she is a chocolate fountain and isn't really a doll until she became one. However, the chocolate fountain only appears at some kind of cafe in a LCD-themed amusement park before she became a real doll in October 29, 2013. She is also a unique doll with different "flavors".


Sewn on: December 31 (New Year's Eve)

Sewn from: A Birthday Cake


She loves celebrating birthdays with her friends!


She wears a dripping dress and boots. (Color depending on the "flavor") She also has a candle stuck in her hair. She also has something stuck in her hair too (Can be a cookie, strawberry, mentos, or a carrot depending on the flavor).


Her pet is a candy wrapper that will always be color red and white.


Her house is a cafe with an replica of her chocolate fountain.

Other Merchandise

  • Chocolate Fountain (Only in Cafe la Candy in the LCD-themed Amusement Park.)
  • Full Size Doll (In Chocolate, Strawberry, Mint, or Vegan "flavor")

Guess what!

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