Blair Red
Blair Red is the third Lalacolors girl to be released!

She is Issa Perez's tenth large doll and eleventh overall.


Sewn on: February 7 (National wear red day)

Sewn from: An apple


She is short tempered, which means she gets angry easily, but she Is still nice. She is also immune to fire!

What she looks like

Hair color: Red

Eye color: Blue

What she wears: A red dress with stockings, and red slippers


Her pet is a Tomato from Mars!


Blair lives in a house which burns forever!


  • Lady Fireball
  • Pinky Poodle 

Guess what!

  • Her pet is edible

Other Merchandise

  • Loopy hair doll
  • mini Loopy hair doll
  • Lalacolors 2-pack! - with Pinky
  • mini lalaloopsy Lalacolors 2-pack! - with Pinky
  • mini lalalooosy Lalacolors 4-pack! - with Pinky, Gina, and Sunny Yellow
  • mini lalaloopsy Lalacolors complete collection! - with all the Lalacolors girls plus Princess Rainbow Loopenboom
  • Buttontails Tomato Plush


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