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The LCD Superheroes!                                                                                                                                 



Sewn on:June 2nd

Sewn from:Sugar,Spice,Everything nice and Chemical X


Blossom:She is smartest of the 3 sisters,sometimes she can be bossy and snobby,but she loves her sisters dearly.She is friends with with Bea

Bubbles:The cute one.She loves drawing pictures,flowers and imagination.She is very naive,but sometimes she is very tough! She is friends with Suzette and Scraps

Buttercup:The tomboy.She hates pink,dresses and anything girly. Sometimes she is mean,aggressive and violent. She is friends with  Dyna

What they look like

Blossom:She has Red hair in a single pony tail with a red bow on top.She has blue eyes and fair skin.She has red dress with a black stripe.She has white tights with black shoes

Bubbles:She has blonde hair in two ponytails.She has a blue dress with a black stripe

Buttercup:She has short black hair.Buttercup has a green dress with a black stripe


Blossom and Buttercup dont have pets,but Bubbles has a pet octopus named Octi

Their Home

They live in a white house with 3 circles for windows

Other Merchandise

  • Blossom Full Size
  • Bubbles Full Size
  • Buttercup Full Size
  • Blossom Mini
  • Bubbles Mini
  • Buttercup Mini
  • Blossom,Bubbles and Buttercup "Sisterly Love" Toys R Us exclusive 3 pack

Guess What!

They are rivals with Princess Morbucks n Bratty

They love to fight crime with Dyna Might

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