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Blue Clear Water



Name: Blue Clear Water

Sewn on: 22nd March (World Water Day)

Sewn From: She is the water elemental 

Personality of Blue

She is free flowing, calm and kind. Her heart is her guide in everything she does. She is excellent at taking care of people and will always lend a helping hand. She is intuitive and knows exactly what to do in every situation. She is the best at keeping secrets and is very trustworthy. She is a dare friend and can change the hearts of any who are sad or angry.

What Blue Looks Like

Skin: Fair

Eyes: Black Buttons

Head: Blue Hair with darker blue highlights in two giant unravling ringlets on either side of her head. Curl in the front with two side fringes.

Torso: Blue and beige frilly layered dress with long blue stole drapped over her arms. A bow top and golden belt.

Bottom: Ruffled beige under skirt.

Shoes: Golden roman inspired sandals.

Other accessories: Crown

Blue's Pet

Dolphine is a blue dolphin who was inspired by Blue to spread love and peace to the world. She now follows blue through all of her adventures.

Blue's Home

Roof: Golden tridents

Walls: Beautiful assortment of shells

Other Merchandise

Large Doll comes with pet and poster.

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