Brace E. Wishes

Brace E. is the sister of Smile E. Wishes.


Sewn on February 13 (Dream your Sweet Day)

Made from a toothpaste cap

Personality of Brace

Very girly. Sassy and strict. Wants everyone to think her hair is sassy. Never plays with her sister, Smile E. because she is not a true friend.

What Brace Looks Like

Brace E. has Pink Hair in twists and Pigtails. She has no shoes, and she has a simple dress. (DUH! She is sewn from a toothpaste cap!) She has indigo sleeves and no shoes.

Brace's Pet

A cute tooth


  • Smile E. wants Brace E. to be kind to others.
  • Brace E. will join Miss Lalaloopsy Little Univerese 2014
  • She hates Twinkle and all the others
  • Her friends are Twisty and Trinket
  • Brace E. is no longer friends with Annette, Crepes or Mimi because Suzette and Annette talked about Brace E.'s bad additude

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