• Regular attire :)
  • Formal attire :)
  • Fanmade formal attire by Cookiez

Here's the first mystery doll in the achievements... T-T Actually, that is her formal attire.. So, there. That's Brownie Triple Fudge! The second of the Sew Sweet Series dolls. I might make a second wave of the series..


Sewn Date: June 16 (Fudge Day)

Sewn from: Brown 80's Bow


She is very fashionable, and enjoys reading fashion magazines, But in reality, she is a little messy. She also enjoys triple-dipping food into chocolate. She also hangs out with Birthday most of the time...


Regular Attire: She is wearing a gigantic bow, fingerless gloves, A brown shirt with a belt, a miniskirt, and a pair of striped heels.

Formal Attire: In her formal attire, her hair is longer and also darker. The dress has three different tones of brown to match her name, Brownie Triple Fudge. She has also striped socks and brown Mary Janes that are a recolor of Jewel's.


Her pet is a choco bar with a bite mark. Brownie says that it was there since her birth.


Her house is a paused chocolate fountain. Although during special occasions, she resumes the chocolate fountain.

Other Merchandise

  • Full Size Doll
  • Mini Doll - Sew Sweet Series
  • Mini Bundle - Sew Sweet Series
  • Metal Tin Lunchbox with the other Sew Sweet Series

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