Third of the unreleased dolls is Burger, who had been on WIP since about November 2013. But, completey done. Anyways, Burger is a girl, who has her own fast food restaurant. Anyone is welcome to eat there, they even have vegan (no animal products completely) burgers! Ok, back to Burger. I also admit using braids instead of back hair T-T


Sewn date: April 15 (McDonalds Corp. Founding Day)

Sewn from: A Fast Food Worker's Hat


Burger is a busy girl who is always cooking patties in the grill.. But during Sundays, she spends the day hanging out with her friends.


She wears her Patties Cafe uniform, jeans, and flats.


Her pet is a patty, and he leaves a trail of grease every time he "walks".


She lives in her secret room in her Patties Cafe.

Other Merchandise

  • Full Size Doll
  • Mini Doll
  • Full Size Sister Pack - with Fries
  • Mini Sister Pack - with Fries
  • Complete Burger Family (Full Size) ~ with Fries and Drumstick
  • Complete Burger Family (Mini) ~ with Fries and Drumstick

Guess what!

  • April 15th is McDonalds Corp. Founding Day.

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