Honestly though... My friend says that suspenders aren't cute. (Like whaaa?)

Tralalala~ I'm trying to make doll ideas but... It's haaard! Anyways Cadelyn is a half! She's part biscuit doll and choco doll! -Even though she's a half, she's still part of the Biscuit Loopsies! (Came up with that on the spot!) Ya see Ms. Creator here can't pick a single biscuit from the Google searches she made... Oh well... Cadbury Mini Fingers are nice...


Cadelyn was sewn sometime in 1824 with natural cocoa powder and milk. Throughout the years, she was finally made into a <half> biscuit!

Cadelyn's Personality

Cadelyn is sweet, but not too sweet. She's very mature and loves taking care of the younger Biscuit Loopsies... which is practically all of them since she's the oldest of them all. She loves reading books and is one of the loopsies who actually participate in the book club instead of just bringing and eating the snacks (well she does bring snacks..)

What Cadelyn Looks Like

Cadelyn has short, brown hair with side bangs and a... cowlick(?) on her head -No. It's a... spike!(?) Either ways her bangs cover one of her deep violet eyes. She wears a long sleeved, horizontally striped, violet shirt. She wears a polkadotted violet skirt with a malt colored waist band, connecting her brown suspenders to her skirt. Her boots are brown with violet bows on the side.

Cadelyn's Pet


Cadelyn had a pet cat once... It layed chocolate eggs. Yes, eggs. Chocolate eggs. So everybody thought it was a cat witch. and replaced it with: *dundunundunduuuun~* A ROCK. Everybody expects this from me now right?

Cadelyn's Home

Cadelyn's home is very simple actually. It's just a modern two-story house with horizontal violet wallpaper. pastel on the inside, and chocolate dripping from the roof. See? Simple.

Cadelyn's Other Merchandise

  • Full Sized Doll
  • Mini Doll
  • Loopy Yarn doll
  • Silly Hair Doll
  • Biscuit Loopsies Bundle Pack

Guess What?

  • Her choco half is actually related to royalty
  • Her pet is the first rock with a "face"
  • Some think that the "witch cat" turned itself to stone
  • The chocolate eggs actually became chocolate chickens and grew! Cadelyn sells some of the eggs...
  • She might have founded the Biscuit Loopsies' book club.

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