Candace Coolio


Sewn on: February 4th (Day of the Coolios)

Sewn From: A Female Gangster's dress

Personality of Candace

Candace loves to listen to hip hop music all the time! She also loves to chill out!

What Candace looks like

Hair Color: Blue

Hairband Color: Pink

What she wears: Pink shirt saying "LOL" and a neon pink skirt with white polkadots on them. Also she wears black and blue booties

Her sewn-on pattern on her dress: Pink and white polkadots

Other things on her dress: She has pink sleeves

Candace's Pet

Her pet is a gray cat with a bow.

Candace's Home

Roof: Pink and a neon pink hat

Wall Color: Sparkly Silver

Candace's other merchandise

  • Full sized Candace
  • Mini Lalaloopsy Candace
  • Lalaloopsy Micro Candace

Guess What!

  • Candace's last name is intense
  • Her cat is a recolor of Jewel Sparkles' cat


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