Caramel Pop'N'Good JPG

Caramel Pop'N'Good



Name: Caramel Pop.N.Good

Sewn on: December 11th (National Popcorn Day)

Sewn from: A bag of pop corn

Personality of Caramel

Caramel Pop.N.Good is friendly and energetic she may come off as a little eccentric but only wants to laugh and play. She loves inviting friends over for movies and pop corn making sure she never leaves a kernel of corn un popped she makes the best pop corn in all of lalaloopsy land.

What Caramel Looks Like 

Skin:  fair

Eyes: Brown.

Head: Yellow Hair like buttery pop corn she has 2 twisty ponytails on the sides of her head with the back bunched up and held in place by a head band that matches her hair color. Connected to the head band she has a decorative box of pop corn 

Torso: A frilly red and white striped short sleeve shirt.

Bottom: A pink Skirt with pieces of pop corn all over 

Shoes: Pink and White High tops with buttery Yellow Laces 

Caramel's Pet

Pup Corn is a Buttery yellow dog thats fur looks like pop corn. 

She has one accessorie which is her cute little pink bow that sits on her head.

Caramel's Home

Roof: A mixture of caramel and butter pop corn with pink trim

Walls: red and white stripes like a pop corn box looks similar to peanut big tops house.

Other Merchandise

  • Large doll comes with pet and poster