Caramelle `D Chocolat

Caramelle `D Chocolat

Caramelle `D Chocolat is the first ever French Chocolate Lalaloopsy! 

She's a Fanmade Character by Alyssabeatricegabriel


Sewn On: December 8th - National Brownie Day

Sewn From: A French Chocolate Bar

Caramelle's Personality

She was sewn on France and She only knows how to speak French. A LOT of her friends don't understand her. She loves chocolate and some of her friends think she only eats chocolate.

Caramelle's Appearance

She wears a Brown-Light Brown blouse along with a ruffly skirt. Her belt has a heart-shaped cookie on it. She also wears a cookie headband. She has polka-dotted leggings.

She has light skin with a heart birthmark on her face. She has brown eyes.

Caramelle's Pet

Basically, she doesn't want, need or have a pet. She doesn't have one!

Caramelle's Home

She lives in Chocolateville, LCDI.

Caramelle's Merchandise

  • Caramelle `D Chocolat Full Size Collector's Edition Doll

Guess What!

  • She doesn't know how to speak English.


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