She is a fan-made character by Lalalopsyme. She took a very long time. She is based on Lollipops! Since LMe is inactive, Cookiez is gonna adopt the page! (Seriously Cookiez, stop talking in the third person)


Cindy was sewn sometime in the 50's with a wrapper of Chupa Chups. Yes, loopsies are immortal. They're ragdolls.... wait- What about littles?

Cindy's Personality

Cindy's personality differs. She can sometimes be sour, or soft and sticky on the inside (that sounded wrong) like- like bubblegum inside her! But in the end, all her personalities have sweet sides.

What Cindy Looks Like

Cindy is fair skinned wit blue eyes and red hair. She wears a tube dress with the following diagonal pattern: red, green, blue, yellow. She weaars blue boots with green apples on the straps.

Cindy's Pet

Cindy has a pet lollipop... without a stick. It's color is yellow and has black button eyes. It always has a lollipop on it's hand. Yes, it has hands. Some believe that it's stick was snapped into two and made into arms.

Cindy's Home

Cindy has a house with the same wall pattern as her dress's. It's roof is red and the wall inside is white with polka-dots the same color as her dress. Her furniture is all pale red with some white accents.

Cindy's Other Merchandise

  • Cindy Full Size
  • Cindy Mini
  • Cindy Loopy Hair

Geuss what!

  • Her pet is edible.

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