• Claire (Retired Edition)
  • Claire (Second Edition)
Claire Anette is a Lalaloopsy made by Issa Perez. She has two editions!


Sewn date: February 29 (E-Flat Clarinet Day)

Sewn from: A Clarinet Case


Claire is a girl who often enjoys playing musical instruments, mostly the clarinet!

What she looks like

Eye color: Blue

Hair Color: Black

What she wears: Black and Blue and Green dress, and Black and Blue Stockings


Her pet is a living clarinet!


Her house looks like a drum!

Other Merchandise

  • Claire Full Size doll
  • Mini Doll Series #2
  • Clarinet Recital Series #5
  • Loopy Hair doll
  • Mini Loopy Hair doll
  • Silly Hair
  • Claire Anette soft doll

Guess What?

  • Her name is a pun of clarinet!
  • People complained that her original design was lazy, so she was retired and replaced with a more better version. Her old edition is now at the LCD Archieves.

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