Claire Fly'N'High JPG

Claire Fly'N'High



Sewn on: July 24th (Amelia Earhart's Birthday)

Sewn from: An Aviatrix' Leather jacket

Personality of Claire

Claire Fly'N'High is energetic and always ready for adventure.You can usually find her with her head in the clouds. She aspires to one day fly solo across the lala-lantic ocean just like her hero although she currently does not have an aircraft.

What Claire Looks Like

Skin: Fair

Eyes: Black

Head: leather aviator cap and grey goggles. Purple hair with one pony tail at the top back of her head. A small side swept fringe

Torso: Brown leather jacket with creme colored fluffy sleeves, collar, and waist and Diagonal zipper.

Bottom: Dark brown skirt 

Shoes: Brown boots with creme colored fur trim has buckles to fasten tightly to ensure no shoes are lost during flight.

Claire's Pet

Dragon-Fly is an adventurous dragon who is purple and pink. She wears aviator goggles and a hat.

Claire's Home

Roof: Aeroplane wings and gears

Walls: Propeller on one side accented with a thunderbolt.

Other Merchandise

  • Large Doll comes with pet and poster
  • Remote control aeroplane comes with exclusive mini (No Pet)

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