Ahh..... whatever happened to PB?

I'm doing a normal candy themed loopsy again ^/////^ Yaysies!


Cottongum was sewn starting from December 7 to Febuary 7. Yes, She took two months to sew... it's that hard to sew a magical ragdoll. She was sewn from packets of bubblegum and cotton candy (do cotton candy even have packets?)

Personality of Cottongum

She's very fun loving and friendly. She loves clouds. Her favorite time of the day is when the sun sets. The clouds turn pink under the red sun. Her favorite activity is... well any kind of jumping! Jumping rope, Jumping jacks, Trampolines. Anything that makes her bounce!

What Cottongum Looks Like

Cottongum is a combination of teal and pink! She has pale skin with pale pink cheeks. She has teal eyes and pink hair that she braids. Her dress is pink and teal. She wears teal stockings and no shoes.

Cottongum's Pet

Cottongum's pet is a pink and teal bunny. It can blow bubbles whenever it wants to bounce, then bounces on the bubble. It always smells like cotton candy and bubblegum, just like it's owner.

Cottongum's Home

Cottongum has a teal house that looks like a cloud! It's decorated with pink bubbles. The inside is teal with pink furniture.

Cottongum's Other Merchandise

  • Cottongum full sized
  • Cottongum loopy yarn hair
  • Cottongum mini
  • Cottongum mini loopy yarn hair

Guess What?

  • The bubbles are bubble gum bubbles.
  • She is best friends with Bubble Smack 'n' Pop.
  • Cottongum and her pet bounce for approximately 75 times a day.

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