She's cuuuuuute~


She was sewn on June 2 ( finger paint day).

Sewn from: paper.

Personality of Crayon

Crayon loves colors and loves to doodle. She likes to dip her fingers in paint and finger paint. She is sew cute!

What Crayon Looks Like

Crayon has a blue and pink dress with blue shorts and pink shoes. She has bright pink cheeks and black eyes. Her hair is pink, blue and violet like her older sister's. She has fair pale skin.

Crayon's Pet

Her pet is a yarn ball that has the same colors as her hair, violet, pink and blue. She is really cute!

Crayon's Home

Crayon lives in a house with her older sister, Pencil.


  • She shares a birthday with Buttercup Tomboy N brave, Bubbles Cute N Bubbly, Blossom Smart N Nerdy and Princess Sandy Featherton.

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