Urika Ugly Doll

Yep, I made a "fallen angel". Don't worry, she isn't evil. ^-^


Sewn On: May 25, 496 (Age: 16 (forever, no, she didn't die, she drank an age-freezing potion.))

Occupation: Sour Candy Factory founder and manager

Sewn from: Sour Stuff that don't even exist by now.


Darkened loves sour stuff, but her attitude is sweeter than you think. Also, she became a fallen angel because in "Sweet Angel Factory", She made sour candy instead. It's quite hard for her to make sweet stuff because when she tries to make sweet stuff, they all end up sour!


She dark wings and with white lines, a dark robe with silver stains, and an eye patch.



Her pet is a sweet cupcake! Some one tried to eat it once. It's clumsy but also brave. She is always ready for an adventure.


She lives in a secret bakery to try to make sweet things. Juicy Orange orange knows the location and password to this.

Other Merchandise

  • Full Size Doll with removable wings

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