Created By: Patchthepirate19


She is a Second in Command Officer in Stitchugal. Her rank was next to Coal which is Commander.

Sewn On: May 18

Sewn From: A pink caumoufladge

Personality of Darryl

She is sweet and kind. She can cry easilly but she is couragous! She is a fixer upper. And she is kind of cold hearted. In a way , she is kind of affectionate.

What Darryl looks like

She has a light pink hair wih a tiara. Her eyes are blue. She has a pink dress with the same detailing like Jewel. Her hair is LOOOOOONG

Darryl's Pet

She doesn't like animals that much.

Darylls Home

In a crystal dump.


  • Even though she was killed in their wedding day, She will be reborn.
  • She and Coal are only 18 years old when they tried to get married.
  • She was currently 20 years old.
  • You can find her on the LLH wiki
  • She has no shoes like Orange Dips.

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