Death is the older brother of Scraps Stiched N Sewn.


He is a  scary  frankenstein grim reaper who loves picking on his sisters Scraps and Lightening! he loves to destroy people.He represents the grim reaper.He is very mean and hates almost everyone because he always gets bullied aand others hate him that's why he destroys people.He is very shy in general except when you make him mad if you do YOU BETTER RUN!!!!!!!!!!!     

Siblings:Scraps and Lightening


He looks like his sister.


He lives with his sisters


He has a pet axe with blood on it! 

Guess What!

  • He is sewn on  The day the  haunted  city was made......You know the city that is rumored to have ghosts and vampires.
  • He is 17 years old,older than Scraps and Lightning