I renamed him to Drumstick so he can have a more masculine name. Ok, here's Drumstick, Burger's little brother.


Sewn on: July 6 (National Fried Chicken Day)

Sewn from: A Fast Food Worker's Hat


Drumstick is the waiter at Patties Cafe. He is pretty fast at taking orders and bringing food.


Like Fries, he doesn't wear the Patties Cafe hat. His appearance includes the Patties Cafe Apron, a gold-colored long-sleeve, jeans, and gold-colored rubber shoes.


His pet is a chicken nugget.


His home is in Patties Cafe, in a room shared with Fries

Other Merchandise

  • Littles Doll
  • Complete Burger Family (Full Size) ~ with Burger and Fries
  • Complete Burger Family (Mini) ~ with Burger and Fries

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