Electra Cybertronic JPG

Electra Cybertronic




Name: Electra Cybertronic

Sewn on: 18th January (The National Day Of Unplugging)

Sewn from: Robot Circuits

Personality of Electra

With an electric personality making friends is easy for Electra. She is a studious type who is always learning new things.

What Electra Looks Like

Skin: Fair

Eyes: Black

Head: short black hair

Torso: robot top black chrome with red, green, orange lights. Black chrome belt with glowing electric blue heart long sleeved with light grey cuffs and blue screens.

Bottom: Black chrome studded with electric blue studs. Blue and white striped stockings.

Shoes: black high tops 

Other accessories: Electric blue head piece 

Electra's Pet

Sparky is Electras loyal kitty.

Electra's Home

Roof: metal

Walls: Electrical circuits

Other Merchandise

Large doll comes with pet and poster.

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