• Queen Elsa of Arensew
  • Elsa for the Last Battle - Ms. Lalaloopsy Universe
Elsa Freeze (Queen Elsa of Arensew) is a fictional Lalaloopsy doll made by Aliethetheresian as her "back to the Wiki" doll. She is inspired by Disney's "Frozen" character, "Queen Elsa of Arendelle".


Sewn from: Queen Elsa of Arendelle's Snow Dress

Sewn on: The day of Queen Elsa of Arendelle's Coronation Day


When Elsa was a kid, she figured out she can control ice and snow. She didn't control it, so she usually freezes everything she touched. Her sister, Anna, mostly invites her for a playtime. During one playful fight, Elsa accidentally froze Anna's head, so her parents had to keep her locked up in her room for years. The Trolls had to make Anna forget about Elsa's powers. When she became 18, her parents died. By the time she was 21, she became queen, but accidentally let go of her powers at the Coronation party. She ran away and built an ice castle (LET IT GOOOOO!!!! LET IT GOOOO!!!!).


She wears an ice dress and an ice crown. She has blonde hair and has a French braid. She has blue-green eyes and an ice cape.


She has no pet.


She lives in Arensew with her sister, Anna.


  • Elsa Freeze Full-Sized Doll
  • Elsa Freeze - Snow Blowing Doll (put snow in her hand's "Snow Hole" and press the button at the back of her neck)
  • Elsa Freeze - Coronation Day Full-Sized Doll
  • Elsa Freeze Mini
  • Elsa Freeze Doll (Plastic Ice) Ice House (Fit for a full-size!)

Guess What!

  • She is the first doll in the "Frozen" Lalaloopsy line.
  • She is based off Elsa from Frozen.

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