• Girl Version? wwwww I based the dress off some Victorian era undergarments...
  • Cross Dressing Version :3 She looked so much like a guy that I had to edit the hair a bit...
Waaaa~ Sorry for not making anything last week! I was too lazy and busy catching up with my mangas so I made two dolls today! To make up for the lack of dolls, I guess?

I'll be making the page later since I have practice at 4:00 and it's 3:30 right nau... I should go...

Fuuwa~ I'm back! My shoulders hurt and I'm cold 'cause of sweat. Oh, youth. Fwoop. Uploaded the girl version since I was in a hurry a while ago. Anyways....


Erin was sewn on May 8, 1835 with about twenty or forty quilts.... so she's really fluffy and stuff....

Personality of Erin

Erin is a bit boyish loves to explore the outside world but since she's a princess, she can't go outside without anyone following her so she cut her hair short and dressed as a villager. Yep. She escaped. But because of her terrible luck, a storm immediately started when she went outside her kingdom, so she had to take shelter at a castle nearby where she was welcomed and offered a room with a LOT of matresses and quilts and a random pea at the bottom 'cause it's some sort of tradition in the kingdom (she didn't even notice or feel it). She, of course, kept crossdressing and since the storm continued and got even worse, she was stranded in the castle. The prince in the castle slowly fell in love with "him" even though it was wrong, so when they found out she was a girl, the Prince asked her to marry him 'cause.... y'know... fairytale endings... (and I added a bit of shounen ai <boy's love> 'cause ┐(´∀`)┌)

What Erin Looks Like

Erin has short (once long) blond-ish orange hair and turquoise eyes. She wore a turquoise dress that's easy to move in back then and when she was crossdressing she wore a lederhosen brown suspenders with knee length pants and a cream polo and knee socks. Yeah....

Erin's Pet

Erin once had a pet dog. He died. Of natural causes. He was called Spots. 'Cause... Y'know.... he had spotted fur...

Erin's Home

Erin lived in a castle. Now she's living in a castle. Because. That's life.

Other Merchandise

  • Erin Full Sized
  • Erin Mini
  • ButtonTales! Bundle 
  • Erin Soft Doll

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