Eva Dark Side



Sewn on: September 11 (The day of the terrorist attacks)

Sewn from: A Criminals coat

Personality of Eva

Eva loves to plan destroying lalaloopsy land and she is not nice to other lalaloopsies! She also competes in a game called Ninjitzu with Vocaloi Ninja. She hates everyone! Except her evil little sister, Katherine Dark Side.

What Eva looks like

Hair Color: Blue

What she wears: Gray sweater with black belt and a SCARY lightning skirt, she is also wearing old, broken boots.

Her sewn-pattern on her dress: DARK BLUE

Other things on her dress: A big white button on the gray sweater

Eva's Pet

Eva's pet is a SCARY bird with RED EYES!!!

Eva's Home

Roof: Swords and Boxing gloves

Wall color: Black

Eva's other merchandise

  • Full Sized Eva Doll
  • Mini Lalaloopsy Eva Doll
  • Mini Lalaloopsy Series two Eva doll Eva's evil plot
  • Eva Loopy Hair
  • Eva Silly Hair
  • Lalaloopsy micro Eva

Guess What!

  • She is the second lalaloopsy doll to have a stitched on frown, along Gloomy Pink Bow
  • She is SUPER SCARY!!!
  • Eva and her little sister are both evil sisters
  • She got arrested for kidnapping Crust Pepperoni 'N' Cheese's little sister then she escaped jail

Friends and Relatives


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