The improved Fall Autumnleaves by Aliahvenicegarcia.

Fall Autumnleaves is the little sister of Ashley Autumnleaves. She was originally made by KeithArnaultsFanon, and was improved by Aliahvenicegarcia.


Sewn on: Sept 21 (It's Almost Autumn Day).

Sewn from: Autumn's Dress!

Fall's Personality

She loves fall! She loves to play with autumn leaves and jump in a leaf pile!

Fall's Appearance

She has a autumn hairstyle just like Specs Reads-a-Lot and Trinket Sparkles and she has a red bow. She has an autumn-colored dress and shoes. She has a brown bracelet on her right hand.

Fall's Pet

Her pet is a autumn leaf!


She lives with her big sister!


  • Lalaloopsy Littles Full Sized Doll
  • Full Size Sister Pack
  • Mini Sister Pack

Guess what!

  •   Sept 21st is Almost Autumn Day


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