So..This is Ferd E. Magge`.. Don't even ask who explorer is my reference.

621px-Peanut Base

Soo.. whats with that map

He is just.....WATER-VER..I made these new loopsy series out of boredom and History book. Yeah a

fudging history book that I kept under my pillow. So this is it.. My 3rd explorer.. Ferd-chan


Sewn From -  Magellan's clothes.

Sewn On - April 27

Personality of Ferd

Loves exploring..He likes discovering new places , shortcuts , secret passageways , and manystuff in lalaloopsyland that are new to everyone. He have proven that the lalaloopsy land is round not flat. ROUND NOT FLAT...wait I'm not thinking of oppai okay... he is quite very curious about everything. Even how do loopsies do this and that. - //w// -..Nishishi... He likes to play with other sea related loopsies.. Since they are the ones who knows his interests and stuff..ohhh well.. He is fun to play with and he still can't figure out why Greece likes cats..-why did I put Hetalia stuff there..-I'm really just doing this out of boredom..

What Ferd Looks Like

He looks like a french boy but he's portugese..... He has brown shaggy hair with dark brown shadow and lighter highlights . He has aqua blue eyes and pale pinkish cheeks. He wores a violet vest with a dark cyan blue inner long sleeve stuff with a poofy thingy stuff on the shoulder.

Ferd's Home

In a ship. 

Ferd's Pet

Obviously.. SEA OTTERS..


  • FullSized Ferd E.
  • Mini Ferd E.
  • World Tour Series Tour Guide Mini
  • Explorer Button Series Mini

Guess What

  • He is friendly with the other explorers.
  • He is the third one in the Explorer Button series.

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