Feels..*sobs* Troll buttons Series' NEWEST member! *ba-dum-tshh*.. Everybody give this loopsy a FEELS hug!

He is a non finished loopsy. He is sewn from FEELS


He just likes being sad... He is happy being sad. Ironically happy when he was getting bad things go to him..... In short a masochist.. He is sad when its fun..



He has a dark gray hair. His eyes are black. He wore a polo with a bit of checkered at the near end of the sleeves. He wore a brown jumper . He is barefooted. He is sad




Made out of pure feels..

Guess What

  • He is the first doll to be sewn that has a no certain sew on date.. That is because he is not yet finished but became alive.


  • TROLLbutton Minis

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