Flames 'N' Ferno JPG

Flames 'N' Ferno



Name: Flames 'N' Ferno

Sewn on: 5th October (The first day of Fire Prevention week)

Sewn From: She is the fire elemental 

Personality of Flames

She has a fiery passionate personality she is loyal and adventureous. She loves to feel accomplished so is always seeking new challenges and experiences. She is an excellent friend and will never let you down.

What Flames Looks Like

Skin: Fair

Eyes: Black Buttons

Head: Red firey hair in pig tails with two fringes.

Torso: red hanging buttoned. Black corset with yellow belt

Bottom: Ruffled black under skirt. Stripped red and orange stockings.

Shoes: black hightops with flames and firey laces

Other accessories: Crown

Flames Pet

Chihuahua is a firey spirited little pup with an adventurous soul just like Flames

Flames Home

Roof: volcanoe

Walls: volcanoe

Other Merchandise

Large Doll comes with pet and poster.

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