Floss E Fluff JPG

Floss E Fluff



Sewn on: December 11th (Candy clouds Day)

Sewn from: Colored Cotton candy

Personality of Floss

Floss.E.Fuff was once a rag doll who magically came to life after her last stitch was sewn. She enjoys carnival rides and is fantastic at ring toss. She love the ferris wheel the most and is a tonne of fun.

What Floss Looks Like

Skin: Fair

Eyes; Black

Head: Short light Pink Fluffy hair.

Torso: Pink and White stripes with puffy sleeves and a frilly bottom 

Bottom: Fluffy pink cotton candy.

Shoes: Pink and white high tops

Floss' Pet

Pinky poodle is a light and fluffy pink cotton candy poodle with black button eyes.

Floss' Home

Roof: Pink Cotton Candy

Walls: Pink and dark pink stripes

Other Merchandise

Large doll comes with pet and poster