Frank E. Furter is a shy little Lalaloopsy that gets scared of everything.

Art by Lenneh


Frank E. was sewn on July 23rd (International Hot Dog Day) from a slightly overcooked hot dog.

Personality of Frank E.

Frank E. is a real worrywart and is very dramatic. He worries about the littlest of things and blows them way out of proportion. Frank E. has been admitted into a mental hospital on several occasions after having nervous breakdowns.

What Frank E. Looks Like

Frank E. has a mixed skin tone and black button eyes. He has short red hair and wears an orange shirt and dark orange shorts.

Frank E's Pet

Frank E. has a pet ketchup bottle named Tommy.

Frank E's Home

Frank E. lives in a trailer that he has designed to look like a vintage hot dog vendor cart.


  • Frank E. is a native of Frankfurt, Germany and speaks with a strong German accent.

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