T^T With the closure of Disney Create by April 30, We have to like post planned dolls 5 times a day. Unless if your okay making them the hard way. Ok, here's Fries, Burger's little sister.


Sewn date: July 13 (National French Fries Day)

Sewn from: A Fast Food Woker's Hat


Fries is the little sister of Burger Beef 'n' Patties. She always wanted to operate the grill, that's why she came with the spatula. But she really is the waitress, even if she doesn't want to be one.


Unlike her older sister Burger, she doesn't wear the Patties Cafe Cap. But she still wears the Patties Cafe Apron. And she wears a long-sleeve instead of a regular shirt. She also wears jeans and gold-colored flats with blue bows.


Her pet is fries. However his french fries on top is "hair".


Her home is at a different room at Patties Cafe shared with 7 day older brother, Drumstick Nuggets 'n' Patties.

Other Merchandise

  • Littles Doll
  • Full Size Sister Pack - with Burger
  • Mini Sister Pack - with Burger
  • Complete Burger Family (Full Size) - with Burger and Drumstick
  • Complete Burger Family (Mini) - with Burger and Drumstick

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