Reusable eco friendly chikyuu ni yasashii wao-0

in my defense i made him before enstars was around i didnt know his hairstyle looked like Nito Nazuna

"A wish reaches, from beyond the night, towards the bottom of the dream"

finally after twelvetysix years. i can finally upload this file. file explorer tells me it's been there since April 2016 apparently lol.

anyways last doll of the series!!!! nice!


Fumei doesn't remember much. What he was made of or when he was sewn. He remembers he used to have a past life though. The details are blurry but it was there.

Fumei's Personality

Fumei is quiet. He doesn't talk. He doesn't know what to talk about. All he knows is that he woke up in another world and that he doesn't belong there. He needs to get back to... where ever he used to be in before.

What Fumei Looks Like

Fumei has fair blond hair with bluish eyes, reflecting a bit of purple and teal towards the ends. His right eye is covered by a similarly coloured hydrangea which wraps its thorny body around his neck and body. Some strands of his hair reflect different colours slightly, the right side of his hair presumably cut through by either a thorn or glass, and his right cheek has a gash from a thorn. Fumei wears a dark coloured long sleeved shirt with a yellow neck tie and grey pants. In his memories, he remembers going to some kind of institute with other people his own age wearing the same thing.

Fumei's Pet

Fumei found out the rainbow feathered birds which sparkled in the depths of the dark sky and disappeared through the similarly dark clouds were attracted to him. The fish which float in the ground avoided him like the plague though.

Fumei's Home

Fumei found an outhouse of some sort in the landscape. He makes do with the cramped space and takes shelter there from time to time whenever he's not searching for a way out the world.

Fumei's Other Merchandise

  • Full Sized Doll
  • kaleidoscope Bundle

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