Even worse <harder> than Teto's dress :"(((

Yaaay. New VocaButtons doll. I made this guy last year but when I was so close to finishing Shockwave crashed. Lesson learned: always save midway. I saved about 5 times when making this... Kidding. I saved more than 10 times in this. Teto still holds the record tho...


He was made on July 31 with purple soundwaves *cough*shippingintent*cough* like Luka. Gumi and he were made by the same person so... siblings? Not really...

Gaku's Personality

Gaku is very.... samurai-ey. He usually has those words of wisdom for other VocaButtons... usually. Around Luka he's an IDIOT. Because of his straight forwardness, He often asks Luka personal things like her three sizes, to which she usually ( I need to find a synonym for usually ) responds with "Go Google it!". He doesn't seem to see that Luka's annoyed most of the time.

What Gaku Looks Like

Gaku is fair skinned with mauve eyes...fine. Lavender eyes. Happy? He has knee lenght hair that he ties into a pony tail. The rest of his hair is seperated into two and tied with glowing ribbons at the bottom. He wears a petit coat that has kimono-ish sleeves. The bottom of the sleeves have pointy purple triangles with blue outline. The collar of the jacket is purple and has two curls going downwards. He wears a navy shirt with glowing stuff on it. He ties a purple rope into a ribbon around his waist. He wears white kimono-ish pants and navy boots with more glowing stuff on it. 

Gaku's Pet

It's an eggplant. That looks like Tako Luka. He keeps it 'cause he feels like Luka and he has the same pet.

Gaku's Home

Gaku's room in the VocaMansion is Lavander. It's very manly. He has eggplant plushies everywhere and *drumroll* an eggplant garden! In a room. That totally makes sense. All his furniture is gray with glowing teal outline. Why? 'Cause it's awesome. (and it matches his outfit)

Gaku's Other Merchandises

  • Gaku Singing Full Sized Doll
  • Gaku Full Sized Doll
  • Gaku Mini Doll
  • Gaku Silly Hair Doll
  • Gaku and Kaito Full Size
  • Gaku Loopy Hair Doll

Guess What?

  • He tries to keep his love for Luka discreet... (as discreet as a giant robot ending humanity)
  • Gumi and he may or may not be siblings
  • He once tried to hide in Luka's room to observe her. He hid under a table. In plain view. He ended up in a coma.
  • He was Cookiez' last doll on Disney Digital Painter.

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