Gina Greene
Gina Green is Issa Perez's Ninth full size doll and tenth Lalaloopsy doll overall.


Sewn date: April 22 (Earth day)
Sewn from: A Leaf


She wants to help the environment. She is against cutting tress, and always likes recycling. I forgot to mention Gina is a great golfer!

What she looks like:

Hair olor: Green
Eye color: Green
What she wears: a green eco-friendly dress, and green boots.


Her pet is a flower!


Her house is two floors, and eco Friendly. Her house house surrounded by three leaf clovers, but four of them are four-leafed!


  • Sunny Yellow
  • Polly Green Tree
  • Jackie Green Cat
  • Clover D. Leprechaun

Other Merchandise

  • Full Size doll
  • Mini doll Series #1
  • Loopy Hair doll
  • mini loopy hair doll
  • Lalacolors 2 pack! - with Sunny Yellow
  • Lalacolors mini lalaloopsy 2 pack! - with Sunny Yellow
  • Lalacolors mini lalaloopsy 4 pack! - with Sunny Yellow, Blair, and Pinky
  • Lalacolors mini lalaloopsy complete collection! - With all Lalacolors characters plus Princess Rainbow Loopenboom!

Guess what!

  • April 22nd is Earth day.


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